High-Quality Car Wash Services

At Magic Car Wash, 100% Guest Satisfaction Is Our GOAL! 

We want you to be happy no matter which location or service you choose! We offer most any service you’re looking for, from Express Exterior washing, to Full Service Car Washing, to Full and Express Detailing, and to Mobile Detailing! 

We pride ourselves as being Eastern Wisconsin’s premier car wash and detailing company, so we are always looking for the newest technology and services we can bring to our customers!

We currently have 4 locations: 
  • Full Service Car Wash at 1020 N. 10th St in Sheboygan.
  • Express Exterior Car Wash at 3601 Calumet Ave in Manitowoc.
  • Express Exterior Car Wash at 2612 Washington Ave in Sheboygan.
  • Express Exterior Car Wash at 475 East Green Bay Ave, Saukville
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Car wash services
Simoniz Hot Wax and Shinelogo
Car wash services

Sheboygan Full Service Location at 1020 N. 10th St. 

We offer a long history in the Sheboygan community, and began in the early 1960’s as Grasse’s Car Wash, offering hand wash services along with gas and other convenience items. 

The car wash was purchased by a car wash chain in the 1980s, remodeled, and used as a testing ground for some of their most popular equipment, which is currently sold worldwide. This company sold the car wash to a private individual in the early 1990s, and Magic Car Wash was born! 

Since then, the car wash has changed hands two more times and the current owner purchased the location in 2008. Since 2008, the car wash has added new equipment, gone through several remodeling periods, and added many services to keep up with ever expanding car wash technology. 

The Magic Car Wash team has also implemented many energy saving ideas, including energy efficient on-demand water boilers, soft starting VFDs, and LED lights throughout the tunnel. This location offers Exterior Car Washing, Full Service Car Washing, and Auto Detailing. The Magic Car Wash team prides themselves on quality service delivered quickly with a smile, and our employees try to do whatever it takes to satisfy their guests!
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Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Saukville Express Locations

Our Sheboygan Express location was built in late 2014, our Manitowoc Express location was built in early 2017, and we purchased our Saukville location in late 2017 (formerly Like Nu Express Car Wash). These one-of-a-kind facilities in their respective counties offer the fastest and highest quality car wash services anywhere in Eastern Wisconsin. They are all designed to deliver the latest and best car wash technology and services to our customers, right here along the lake shore.

Our Manitowoc Express car wash utilizes a revolutionary car wash technology known as Spin Lite car wash equipment to get your car "squeaky" clean. While traditional car wash equipment consists of thin strands of cleaning foam that spin at about 100 rpm and "whips" your car clean, Spin Lite cleaning media is thicker pieces of self-supporting closed-cell foam that gently cleans your car as it spins at only 30 rpm. The foam is designed with arms, hands, and fingers to ensure that it gets into all areas that are hard to reach and gives you a hand washed feel and look. This equipment is noticeably quieter and gentler on your car to make your experience a positive one. 

It's also much safer on your vehicle's finish, and because of the structure it actually "buffs" your car as you wash. In fact, you'll know how clean your car gets by the squeaks you hear as you go through the equipment cleaning the windows of your car, the same squeaks you hear if you hand-clean a window! That's one way of knowing that your car is getting the best treatment it can get! 

At all of our Express locations, your wait time will be under 5 minutes, and even with 2 full lines of cars, your wait time will be only 10 minutes! Compare that to any other car wash where you have to wait 5-7 minutes for each car ahead of you in line. It means that you will wait for over 30 minutes in line behind only 4 cars at another car wash. Now you need to decide, how much your time is worth?

All of our car washes offer services like Simoniz Carnauba Hot Wax and tire shine that you simply can’t get anywhere else. We have also introduced the great people of Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Saukville, to our Unlimited Wash Club, where you pay one low monthly fee and you may wash your car as often as you choose! You don't need to worry about salt, bugs, acid rain, or anything else your car may encounter! This program makes one more of those “routine tasks” much more convenient and budget friendly. 

All the same energy-efficient measures went into these locations when they were built, and the same 100% guest satisfaction guarantee applies to every visit!
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Car wash services
Car wash services

Give Your Car The Luxury Treatment

As Eastern Wisconsin’s car washing leader, our locations and services are designed to fit every need and every budget. We offer all the newest technology to clean your car like nowhere else, and have partnered with the leading soap company in the industry, Simoniz, to do it! 

To keep up with every growing mobile technology, we offer a mobile App for your Android or IPhone (Washify) where you can manage your car wash history, purchase and redeem car washes, sign up and manage your Unlimited Account, and even email car washes to a friend! 

You can do all of these same things with our user friendly website, and purchase and e-mail gift cards and washbooks for loved ones too! 

Heck, even our payment kiosks at our Express Car Wash give you $1's and $5's back for change…no need to mess around with all those quarters!

With all of the options to choose from, Magic Car Wash is your one-stop shop for everything car cleaning related. If you have any further questions or would like more information, please look around our Website or Facebook page, or contact us directly!

Happy Washing!

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